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Deepa Garlic Barrier (Insect Repellent) BPGB

Deepa Garlic Barrier is 100% liquid based garlic extract which is prepared scientifically. It is purely a Organic Pesticide and it repels or keep away the insect pests from plants and trees. It itself has a fungicidal properties also and can be used as household pesticides and also the used against animal pests like ticks and fleas. It is very effective against mosquitoes and other pests noticed in home gardens; Indoor plants and back yards of houses.

Application and Dosage

Apply @4 to 5 ml  in 1 Lit water, after mixing well, before planting, at 10 to 15 days intervals on the plant leaves.


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 Lit