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The Company has a fully equipped Bio-Tech Laboratory and Microbiological Laboratory, which are functioning under Bio-Technology Division of the Company located at Kunnapuzha (Thirumala), Trivandrum (Kerala) and started production of Bio-fertilizers , Bio Control agents and Bio Pesticides from June 2004.

Microbiological Laboratory

The Bio-Tech Lab / Microbiological Laboratory has well established infrastructural facilities with technically qualified Biotechnologist / Microbiologist / Scientific Officers.  In this laboratory , all types of bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, bio control agents/ bio fungicides  are produced. The Source of Mother cultures and Technology is received from Kerala Agricultural University,Govt of kerala and from Regional Centre of Organic Farming (RCOF),Govt of India and the Laboratory is having S.S.I registration and certified by Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Govt, of Kerala.

Water and waste water Analytical Laboratory

Analytical Laboratory for testing of Water,Waste Water and Solid Waste (Approved & certified by Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Govt. of Kerala).

A Separate wing for Analysis of Water,Waste Water and Solid Waste is functioning as a part of Bio-Tech Laboratory, under the Bio-Tech Division of the Company. The Laboratory is functioning under well and technically qualified Microbiologist / Biotechnologist.

Water and Life

Without water there is no life. The human body contains about 70% water. All body mechanisms in animals and plants depend on water as a media. Some of the salts naturally present in water serve as nutrients and are essential for the functions and growth of body. About 97% of water available on earth’s crust are salty and non potable and another 2 % are available as Polar ice.

Water, if contaminated, causes illness and disease. (As a potential carrier of pathogenic micro Organisms, water can endanger health life.) About 80% of human diseases are related to water. About 2000 chemical contaminants have been so far found in water.

Significance of Water Quality Parameters

A number of chemical substances may be present in water. If these substances are present in high level, the health is affected. To indicate the permissible limit of water quality parameters, guideline values have been prescribed by Bureau of Indian Standards.

Sometime, the water work structures, distribution pipe lines and storage structures may also be affected. Other problems are also caused due to poor quality of water. Some health problems like fluorosis ,methemoglobinemia etc are associated with chemical parameters.

Some other diseases like diarrhoea, dysentry, Cholera, typhoid, jaundice etc are related to micro organisms present in water.

Water Quality & Parameters.

Water may contain suspended matters, dissolved substances and micro organisms and the parameters deciding the quality of water are physical, chemical, Bacteriological, Biological & radioactivity.

Testing facilities in our Lab: Physical Analysis, Chemical Analysis and Microbiological Analysis