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All Plants require major nutrients Viz. Nitrogen(N) , Phosphorus(P) and Potash(K) for their growth and its allied functions. Apart from these three elements Viz N , P & K, Plant requires some micro nutrients like Ca , Mg , Mn , Fe , Mo , Cu , Zn , Bo etc.

The requirement of these elements also varies from plants to plants. On the basis of this, different types of plant Micro Nutrients are produced.

Our Plant Micro-nutrients....

  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Coconut
  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Banana
  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Vegetable
  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Rubber
  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Paddy
  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Cardamom
  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Arecanut
  • Deepa Micro nutrient-Coffee