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Deepa Bio Six (Sea – Algae Growth Stimulator)

It is a product of Sea weed Extract , which supplies Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash, as well as trace elements like Zn, Mn, Mg, Fe, etc.

Bio six also contains natural growth materials like Auxins,Gibberellins and cytokinins which all will promote the strong stem and leaf growth including faster germination of seeds.

Bio Six also increases the photosynthesis, flower formation and reduces flower fall.

Deepa Nitro Plus

It is a product of combination of nitrogen and plant growth regulator, which is extracted from Sea Weeds. The hormones present in this combination are easily absorbed by the plants.

It increases flowering in plants and prevents flower shedding and also increases plant height and number of branches, fruits and its weight. Corp yield also increased

Deepa Garden Plus ( Hyderolysate - 12% )

It is a product of enzymatic digestion of milk / Soya Bean / Fish Protein. It is a unque natural combination of 18 essential amino acids that acts as a plant growth booster for all crops.

Deepa Hume Plus ( Humic Acid 12% )

It is liquid formulation which is produced by bio degradation of dead organic matter. It increases soil fertility, humus content, enhances soil phosphate availability etc;